Our personnel are trained, equipped and supported to exceed industry standards and they share our “hands-on” approach to ensure client success.

Location is Key...

Route Development

Selection of the optimal public and private rights-of-way for the placement of new telecommunications infrastructure is the cornerstone of any successful project.  With access to significant historical data pertaining to existing infrastructure, our team has the ability to appropriately plan for the avoidance of congested or over-utilized paths.  This approach ensures permittable, budget-optimized projects that achieve client requirements for new location selection, low latency and diversity while balancing capex and opex.

A Leading Team of Professionals...

Network Optimization

Whether working with new or existing routes, connecting locations with bandwidth and/or optimizing dark fiber, connectivity to major internet and content peering sites or customers is of critical importance.  Our approach allows clients to utilize a combination of multi-vendor acquisition and new construction to accomplish the most efficient, diverse and lowest latency paths.  Leveraging our depth of contractor and vendor relationships enables our clients to maximize the effectiveness of the implemented final design.

No Project Too Big...

Construction Management

IIG has the unique ability to deliver a wide range of network construction projects. With our institutional knowledge and safety expertise, our team members have facilitated the construction of thousands of miles of new network.   Working through the exacting specifications of municipalities and railroads, in addition to managing challenging topography and the extremes of inclement weather, the projects have proceeded to successful conclusions.  As a true turnkey provider, we can execute on all stages of the project cycle including: Engineering and Design; Permitting; Program and Project Management; Network and Civil Construction; Change Management; As-built Documentation.

Choosing the Right Technology

Optical Equipment Planning and Install

Technology is moving at unprecedented speed.  With the assistance of our professionals, clients can explore and select the appropriate next generation transport technology based on their business, technical and budget needs while balancing short-term and long-term organizational requirements.  Development of network architecture topology, demand growth forecasting, support requirements and phased migration strategies are all optioned.  Implementation assistance can include site evaluation; rack, stack and commission; network telemetry verification; capacity upgrades; card replacement and RMA.

Professional Support, Quality Guaranteed...

Fiber Optic Assurance, Test and Turnup

Assuring existing fiber optic inventory, newly acquired or constructed routes meet and maintain required specifications to ensure the prevention of network faults.  We support new implementations with splicing, termination and testing with reporting.  Utilizing advanced testing procedures, our professionals perform fiber optic characterization to ensure the fiber is capable of implementing desired technologies.  In the event of a fault, our team can assist with isolation, restoration and specifications validation. 

Exceptional Commitment 24/7/365...

Route Maintenance

IIG enables public and private organizations to focus their resources on their core business while ensuring that their critical telecommunications infrastructure has experienced, qualified professionals available to provide optimal response/repair times during events requiring emergency response. Additionally, through scheduled route and site audits, we ensure that our clients’ networks are professionally maintained for maximum network availability and optimal service life.