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Apr 23, 2024 | Optimizing Networks

Jessie Huenergardt has been an integral part of the IIG team from the start. With over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry, he joined IIG because he was following a vision and plan for the future of fiber laid out by Jeff Yount, IIG’s president that included:

  • Optical Equipment Planning and Install: A business model where IIG professionals can work with clients to explore and select the appropriate next generation transport technology based on their business, technical and budget needs.
  • Route Maintenance 24/7/365: Enabling our customers, and our customers’ customers to focus resources on their core business while ensuring that their critical telecommunications infrastructure has experienced, qualified professionals available to provide optimal repair and response times when required.
  • Emergency Response: A Network Operation Center (NOC) that operates 24/7/365, supported by experienced professionals who ensure swift response and optimal repair times to restore services promptly.
  • Network Optimization: Leveraging contractor and vendor relationships to enable clients to maximize their effectiveness of the implemented final design.

In the early days, Jessie embodied IIG’s vision for the future, and he still does. He has experience in multiple facets of the network-building industry including NOC support, customer operations, Dark Fiber builds, and new POP site delivery.



Always looking for something new to learn and a new skill to hone, Jessie now oversees IIG’s next big project: a state-of-the-art fiber interstate that is connecting regions across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

“With literally hundreds of years of employee experience, IIG understands the telecom business and what it takes to build an infrastructure with the highest-quality equipment. They also understand how to take care of the employees that are making it happen and support a balance of work and family life.”

When he isn’t working on the fiber interstate, Jessie can be found hunting, fishing, and recreating in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming with his loved ones.

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