Emergency Response

A network that keeps you connected. When disaster strikes, communication between one another is critical. Our dedicated network management teams can be trusted to provide the support needed during events requiring emergency response.
Robust assistance in times of need.

With a network built to withstand both natural and man-made disasters, we are committed to supporting customer services when a crisis hits:

Expertise areas include:

  • Network Operation Center (NOC) available 24/7/365 at (800) 444-9943.
  • Fully automated power transfer systems at all facilities that support customer services.
  • Independent diesel power with on-site fuel storage and on-site cooling water allow us to manage facilities independent of utility power, gas, and water.
  • Facilities are maintained in accordance with local, state, and federal standards.
  • Generators, backup generators, and contingency plans are powered by independent and secure power sources at all facilities that support customer services.
  • Experienced, qualified professionals available to provide optimal response/repair times to restore service as soon as possible.